Grandma's Scorebook

The legacy of Minnie Lee Olges and her incredible creation of the most precious baseball scorecards and much more from 1973-1991.

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Minnie Lee handmade her scorecards and developed her own unique scoring system. As you will see, her scorebooks are much more than just historical artifacts of what happened on the field, they are a living and breathing daily journal with a genuine heartbeat.

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"What she did, it’s incredible, really unbelievable. It’s almost incomprehensible, to try and explain to somebody how in-depth she went, basically documenting day to day, the ups and downs of this baseball team, for a lot of years," Brennaman said. "For someone to have such a passion for the game, and particularly for a team, to do that on a daily basis over a period of that many years is just mind-boggling"

Marty Brennaman

About Minnie Lee

Minnie Lee Olges started keeping score at the beginning of the 1973 season after she retired at the age of 67. She would listen to the Cincinnati Reds radio broadcast and keep score until the end of the 1991 postseason at the age of 86. She fell in love with Major League Baseball over those 19 seasons and she would become one of baseball’s most passionate, dedicated, and loyal fans that no one knew about until now. This is her love letter to Major League Baseball.

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The Legacy

Minnie Lee recorded over 3,000 games in her scorebooks. She was so fortunate to experience three Cincinnati Reds World Series championships in 1975, 76, & 90.  She recorded many of baseball’s most iconic and memorable moments such as Hank Aaron’s 715th home run, Carlton Fisk’s walk-off Game 6 home run, Reggie Jackson’s three home runs in Game 6, Tom Seaver’s no-hitter, Fred Lynn’s All-Star Game grand slam, Pete Rose’s 4,192nd hit, and her very last game, Jack Morris’ Game 7 masterpiece.  She recorded history and she left behind an absolute treasure. Now it is time to open up her scorebooks and share them with all baseball fans. This is a tribute to this extraordinary woman, with the purest and most beautiful soul, my grandma, our beloved Minnie Lee.

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