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Minnie Lee makes her major league debut in The Sporting News

Minnie Lee is featured in The Sporting News, the oldest sporting publication in the United States! Ryan Fagan wrote this lovely article. I luckily came across Ryan’s Twitter profile and I responded to one of his pack of the day post on 5/13/20. It was about three weeks after I started my, Grandma’s Reds Scorebook (@GScorebook) Twitter account. A month earlier on Easter weekend, I came across Lance McAlister’s blog about his Easter tradition of opening baseball cards with his family. He talked about how his grandma would buy him a box of Topps baseball cards every Easter. I was very touched by his blog and it made me think of my grandma and how she fostered my love for baseball.

That’s when I went to the attic and pulled out the storage box that had all of Grandma’s scorebooks and I started going through them again. I was inspired and I created my Twitter account and started posting. I started to receive some very favorable feedback immediately. Lance noticed one of my tweets and reached out to me asking, if I would like to come on his 700WLW sports talk radio show on 5/2/20. I only had a couple hundred followers at the time and I was flattered and so grateful to have the opportunity to explain the essence of my tribute account to my grandma. I was extremely nervous going on the show because I didn’t know how it would be perceived or if people would be interested in her old handwritten scorecards.

I want to thank both Ryan and Lance, for helping to provide the inspiration and motivation to dive into this website project. They helped me realize that there is an audience for this type of content. It has been a true labor of love.

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