Grandma's Scorebook


Minnie Lee recorded over 3,000 games from 1973-91. Unfortunately we have lost portions of the 1974, 1981, and 1988 scorebooks due to water damage and they were unsalvageable. This is why you will not find postseason games from the 1974, 1981, and 1988 seasons. These archives only contain about 15% of her scorecards. She thoroughly enjoyed the postseason and the All-Star Game. Even if her Reds were not in the postseason, she kept score for every postseason game. I have uploaded all of her postseason and All-Star Games. When you are looking through the Records & Milestones and Debuts & Firsts artifacts, you will see that Grandma made it a point to recognize and highlight when it was a player’s first or a specific milestone.  Since it was such an important detail to her when she was keeping score, I made it a point to make sure these accomplishments and milestones can be clearly seen.