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Steve Garvey’s Last Home Run #272

  • 1987
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Steve Garvey hits his last home run #272

Padres 5, Reds 2 in Cincinnati

April 12, 1987: Steve Garvey hits his 272nd and last home run off Guy Hoffman in T1.

As I have shared, Steve Garvey was a big deal to me growing up because he resembled my dad. I remember watching the Dodgers games on TV and they always seemed to show and talk about Garvey’s massive forearms. My dad had massive hairy forearms as well. People always talked about Bob’s forearms and how incredibly strong my dad was. Dad worked in a steel factory and he had a side hustle as a bricklayer.

I have to take this opportunity to share these pictures that he took personally with his own camera of the iconic, Marilyn Monroe when she performed for our troops in Korea. Dad served in the Army. These are some fantastic pictures! He told me, “Michael, you have no idea how that place exploded when she walked out.” I can only imagine.