Grandma's Scorebook

“Some Ruckus” Between Cubs and Reds at Wrigley

  • 1984
  • Wild Games & Fights!

Cubs and Reds brawl after Cey's home run is reversed

Reds 4, Cubs 3 in Chicago

May 27, 1984: Grandma’s game notes say, “Cey in 2I hit a foul ball, one umpire called home run, one said foul. Soto furious decision reversed & both teams got into it. Someone squirted Soto with something and he went out with a baseball bat. Thrown out of game also Jim Frey. Soto must have pushed umpire, rumpus lasted 35 minutes, arguments, fights & agreements.”

She also notes next to Cey’s at-bat in B2, “Some Ruckus” and we can see it was marked as a “LO, no HR).

I can’t possibly do this game justice, so just read this..