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Reds and Expos Break Record with 25 Walks in One Game

  • 1973
  • Milestones & Records

Reds & Expos are extremely patient and combine for 25 walks setting the record

Reds 11, Expos 6 in Montreal

July 9, 1973: Reds and Expos set a new record for 25 walks in one game.

Pete Rose 4 BB

Joe Morgan 3 BB

Andy Kosco 2 BB

Ron Hunt 2 BB

Ron Woods 2 BB

25 others 1 BB

T6 Hal King pinch hits for Ed Sprague and hits a grand slam off Pat Jarvis driving in Tony Perez, Bobby Tolan, and Andy Kosco.

Grandma always said, “Honey, a walk is as good as a hit.” Her game notes have an error, “broke the record of Sto in game by both teams.”