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Pete Rose’s 4,192nd Hit Becoming The All-Time Hit King

  • 1985
  • Milestones & Records

Pete Rose gets his 4,192nd hit

Reds 2, Padres 0 in Cincinnati

Sept. 11, 1985: Pete Rose hit a single to LF off Eric Show in B1 for his 4,192nd career hit passing Ty Cobb to become the All-Time Hit King. He ended his career with 4,256 hits.

Looking at her description of this moment and by the amount that she wrote just shows she felt a tremendous pressure relief herself. She’s been tracking his hits for a long time. She captured his 2,000th, 3,000th, missed out on 4,000th because he walked four times, and now she gets to FINALLY score #4,192. I always get extremely emotional (tears rolling down my cheeks right now as I type this) reading this page. I always come back to this line, “Tony Perez and Dave Concepcion hoisted Rose on their shoulders and praised him & showed him off to everyone, so all could see him”. She was so fond of the Big Red Machine and I know how much she had to enjoy seeing this moment with those players.