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Paul O’Neill’s Debut & First Hit

  • 1985
  • Debuts & Firsts

Paul O’Neill makes his debut & gets his first hit

Cardinals 6, Reds 4 in St. Louis

Sept. 3, 1985: Paul O’Neill made his MLB debut and got his first career hit against the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. He pinch hit for Dave Van Gorder in T8.

1st AB & 1st hit T8 single off Jeff Lahti

Grandma’s notes say, “Paul O’Neal is in for 1st time today also he’s a young player”.

He ended his career with 2,105 hits.

Grandma also wrote a note, “I’m glad Cedeno is doing well.” Cesar Cedeno had recently been traded to the Cardinals and she hated to see him leave.