Grandma's Scorebook

Norm Charlton & Dennis Cook Skirmish

  • 1990
  • Wild Games & Fights!

Norm Charlton & Dennis Cook get into a skirmish

Reds 5, Phillies 1 in Cincinnati

July 20, 1990: Norm Charlton and Rob Dibble combine to pitch a two-hitter. Dennis Cook hits Norm Charlton with a pitch in B6 and Charlton charges the mound to start a skirmish! Grandma’s notes say “ There’s been so much static on the radio all night. I can’t hear 1/4th of the dame, in the 7 & 8 inning, it’s growled all night.

Charlton & Crook ejected (both pitchers). Crook had just started in B6.

Some Skremish! Scremish, however it is spelled. Charlton left game. Davis was really into it. All I could hear was the people (crowd) yelling & Marty & Joe tell it, but can’t tell. Score 5-1 for Reds ahead. Lake (catcher) left game too. Don’t know if he was hurt in the schremis scremish (sprained finger on rt. Hand”

Grandma’s notes: “Some Fight!!! Wish I could have seen it or at least heard all of it on the radio, Marty & Joe were yelling so & noise turned up too high.”