Grandma's Scorebook

Chris Welsh vs. Vince Coleman

  • 1986
  • Wild Games & Fights!

Chris Welsh's 17 pickoff attempts against Vince Coleman

Cardinals 2, Reds 1 in Cincinnati

June 1, 1986: Chris Welsh makes his debut in Cincinnati and almost wears out his welcome in T5 when he tries to pickoff Vince Coleman 17 times at first base. He was unsuccessful and Vince Coleman did steal second base. Willie McGee was at-bat during this pickoff showdown and he eventually struck out. I would love to hear what Willie McGee was thinking and feeling trying to stay focused and locked in while he was hitting.

T1 Coleman led off with a walk. He stole second and third base.

T7 Coleman singled to LF off Welsh & he did get caught stealing second base (P-1B-2B-P-SS).

Welsh did pitch very well in this start and was star of the game.

7 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 3 SO

Grandma’s game notes say, “Chris Wealth or Welch”.

Vince Coleman ended his career with 752 SB.

Living in Louisville in the 1980’s was so much fun if you loved baseball. The Louisville Redbirds were on fire. We saw so many of these Cardinals players come through, Coleman, McGee, Van Slyke, Pendleton, and Worrell. My friends and I spent MANY nights at the stadium trying to get these guys autographs.