Grandma's Scorebook

1986 World Series Game 1

  • 1986
  • World Series

Mets vs. Red Sox Game 1 in New York

Red Sox 1, Mets 0

After my hero Johnny Bench retired in 1983, I had to find another catcher to follow and I chose Gary Carter. Grandma knew I had become a Mets fan, and that I would be looking through her scorebooks at some point. She left me this note that I found over 20 years later, “Now for World Series!! Mike, I’m hoping your Mets win!! I know you are pulling for them, I am too. Ray Knight is an EX-Red. I’d like for McNamara’s team to play well too. He is an Ex-Coach of the Reds.” She could already sense Ray Knight was going to have a big World Series.

Looking through her scorebooks has easily become an Easter egg hunt.