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Pete Rose Trying for 4,000th Hit

  • 1984
  • Milestones & Records

Pete Rose trying for 4,000th hit in Cincinnati

Expos 9, Reds 3 in Cincinnati

April 11, 1984: Pete Rose was in pursuit of his 4,000th career hit against the Reds in his hometown at Riverfront Stadium. He entered the game with 3,999 hits. In 5 PA he went 0-1 with 4 BBs. He did get his 4,000th hit in Montreal against the Phillies on 4/13/84 in B4 with a double to RF off Jerry Koosman.  Grandma was really pulling for Pete Rose to get his 4,000th hit. You can see her tracking his hits at the top of her scorecardss during his series against the Reds. She even wrote at the top of the page on 4/11/84, “I wanted Rose to get his 4,000 hit”.  He ended his career as the All-Time Hit King with 4,256 hits.